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I’m ready to go!

Well. Define ready… I can’t really imagine feeling ready for this.

For me, “being ready” that means that the nursery is set up, The teeny tiny clothing that will be applicable for the couple of months has been washed, and I FINALLY packed a hospital bag for me and a diaper bag for Baby.

Until I entered about the middle of my second trimester, I no idea what a major thing this was. I think that all of the automated emails and updates that I receive have been telling me since about 25 weeks to get a bag packed and be ready to go. This was more than a bit premature for me so I’ve been dodging that advice for the past 12 or 13 weeks or so. While dodging, I would, out of the corner of my eye, read all of the many MANY articles and lists that are provided for pregnant women on what on earth to bring to the hospital.

After about 3 months of research, I have decided to scrap most of the advice. This is an area where I am simply not willing to spend money on paraphanalia. If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that pushing a baby out of me will not be cute. It will be hard and I likely will not care if I’m butt-naked or in a home-made, adorable gown. As well, hospitals (while I’m very grateful for them) are sickness-ridden, dirty places and I don’t want to bring anything that I care about into one. I will treat all items that enter that place as either disposable items, or biohazards to be sanitized afterwards.

With that said, here’s what I packed for myself:

• A couple of old (disposable) t-shirts to wear (in case I find the gown restricting or irritating during labour).
• Old (disposable) socks for shuffling laps around the hospital in during the first stage of labour.
• Nursing bras/tanks
• Disposable nipple pads
• Granny panties
• Sweatpants, top, & sweater for coming home
• Maxi pads
• Chapstick
• Gum (apparently labour can give you a terrible taste in your mouth. I assume that means halitosis too…)
• Camera (with charged battery and a cleared card)

Things I will need to grab before we leave…

• Toiletries (toothbrush/paste/floss, hairbrush/hair elastics)
• Makeup bag (we’re talking minimal here, just enough to make me feel human afterwards)
• phone and charger

Baby’s Bag:

• A couple of different outfits (not knowing how he’ll fit into any of them)
• A hat
• Socks
• Swaddle, receiving blanket, cozy blanket
• Diapers, wipes, & vaseline
• Pacifier (not sure if I’ll use it or not)

Could I have packed A LOT more? Oh yes… However, unless something goes terrible wrong, we won’t be there very long, and I can’t imagine that we need to bring the kitchen sink. I also imagine that the hospital will have essentials for baby until week leave. What will he need there anyway? Diapers, a blanket, and love.

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