I’m Morgan. Mother-to-be of one tiny boy, and wife to an amazing husband (Mike)

Our little family lives in the house that Mike and I designed and built with our two cats, Dora and Doobs and our puppy, Rommel. This is our story.
This blog was created for a couple of reasons.

This is where the whole idea for this blog came from. It was important to to me to remain in close contact with my parents and sister during this fleeting time, but living far away from them made that difficult. So, I would come up with these weekly updates for them. As time went on, I began to see how valuable they may be for other first-time moms. Everything to do with having a baby is new, sometimes alarming, and often downright scary.

Maybe your pregnancy will be like mine, maybe it won’t. ‘Normal’, of course, is simply what is normal for you. For what it’s worth, here is an honest, in-the-moment, week-by-week account of my pregnancy.

Food was never super important to me and, growing up, I never paid much attention to it. If I’m being honest, H was the cook. He has the gift of simply creating dishes by the seat of his pants and it’s almost always amazing. Me? I like to have clear, concise instructions (with pictures, if possible) articulating how A+B+C miraculously ends up equally supper. My ideas about what made a meal were further challenged when I met my husband. I wasn’t raised vegetarian per se, but we really rarely ate meat, and I never considered it necessary to any dish. For H, my home-grown Alberta man, it’s not supper if it doesn’t include meat. This adds a significant complication for me…

However, once I got pregnant, I really realized how important it was to pay attention to what I was putting in my body. Later on, when I was close to term and nesting like mad, all I wanted to do was produce food. So, I started to learn. Most of my food ideas come from Pinterest. It seems, though, that anytime I make something, I make little tweaks. Then time goes by and the next time I go to make the dish (or what have you), I can’t remember what I did. Hopefully this blog will help! Here are my (novice) foodie adventures.