9 Weeks Pregnant

About 1 inch from crown to rump. Grape baby!

Baby is no longer an embryo! It is now a fetus. I almost feel like a cake and candle should be involved here!

The little heart now has four chambers (pretty fancy!).

Some new organs have been Acquired this week. Little One now has a liver, a spleen, and a gallbladder.  With all the additions and developments, one little thing thing has finally disappeared: Baby’s tail is gone!

Eyelids are now protectively sealed and will remain so for many weeks to come.

Baby’s tiny heart may, possibly, depending on it’s position and location inside, be heard via Doppler Ultrasound.

Still no sign of a baby bump. There are anatomical changes though. I feel thicker. Although I have in fact lost weight, and I have skinny little legs, my torso is bigger. My ribcage had expanded somehow. I haven’t read anywhere of this happening, so both Mike and I were surprised by this development. It is not, of course,  really a visible difference, but it’s my body so of course I noticed!

So much nausea. So much sleepiness. Still puffed up like a balloon everyday. I am so looking forward to week 12 when the nausea is supposed to go away.

Oh little baby. Three more weeks until we’re out of the worst of the woods.

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