6 Weeks Pregnant

I cannot believe the rate at which baby is growing. This week it is 0.25inches long (that’s a crown to rump measurement). Lentil baby!

Baby’s face is forming, sort of. It’s not recognizable as a face, really, but the nose, mouth and ears are starting to realize their adorable potential. The ears are depressions near the neck. More like a frog than a human (there are those evolutionary roots showing up again), and the eyes are placed (fish-like) near the sides of the head.

Baby’s lungs, or rather, tissue that will become baby’s lungs have appeared. This complex system will take the longest to grow and be the last thing to mature.

The kidneys and liver are also forming.

Baby’s brain is growing at a furious rate. There is already a pituitary gland.

Still, so much nausea. So many strawberries and so much yogurt consumed. I am really not complaining. I feel like the nausea connects me with the pregnancy and tells me that all is proceeding as it should (inasmuch as there is a lot of the hCG hormone in my system). As there it no outward sign that I am pregnant, feeling nauseous helps me to FEEL that I am pregnant. Total nonsense? Maybe. But, ask anyone, pregnant women aren’t rational women.

We had the ultrasound this week, and it was definitely a bittersweet day. The afternoon before, Mike’s mother lost her battle with cancer – almost exactly 6 months after we lost his father… Honestly, I don’t think either of us could have handled bad news in the form of a blighted ovum or no heartbeat. But there it was. Our little tadpole. A little sliver of light for us in a very dark time.

Yesterday was a milestone for me. It was the day that I started spotting with my first pregnancy. Here we are, though, and all seems well. Another 6 weeks and we’ll be over the big Danger time period.

6 week viability us

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