5 Weeks Pregnant

Sesame seed baby!

I can’t believe I’m already typing this: There is a heartbeat! Baby’s teeny tiny, super primitive heart has sprung to life. At this point, it’s really just a tube that is twisted back on itself, but it does the job. This is the most amazing part of the whole process to me. At some point in time, the little embryo goes from being a mass of cells, to being ALIVE.

It is amazing to me that we can, to a degree, see evolution in the growth of our babies. Right now, baby looks like a fish. Like those little salmon swishing around with their little yolk sacks.

The neuro tube is forming. I never stopped taking my prenatal vitamins, and it is NOW that the all-important folic acid is so crucial in preventing spina bifida.

I am exhausted. All the time. My bedtime is when I get home from work. I just fall asleep.

Nausea has set in. I forgot how draining it was. Plus, I’ve been really sick. I am terrified of running a temperature, as I know that can be dangerous for Baby. Tired, sick, and nauseous. The whole thing is like a big joke. I’m nauseous because I’m hungry, but I can’t eat because I’m nauseous… My only slight reprieve comes from strawberries. I don’t know why, but they are all I want to eat and they are all that combat the nausea.

I love having this little secret. A tiny person is growing inside of me and nobody knows…

My blood tests revealed the hCG hormone rising appropriately.

I have a viability and dating ultrasound next week. I can’t wait to catch the first glimpse of Baby.

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