41 Weeks Pregnant

image7 days overdue…

Baby is continually putting on weight, but mine has plateaued. Finally, no more weight gain. It’s time to start planning to drop the excess poundage.

Baby has likely lost all if his protective vernix coating and is pickling in his amniotic bath. He will likely crack and peel when he comes out. Poor over-cooked baby.

Hair. There was hair on the last ultrasound. He probably had lots more by now!

What a torturous week. I desperately want this baby naturally. Inducement is interference and I would so much like to avoid that. I feel like it’s like the very beginning of pregnancy all over again. When you can’t KNOW and just keep scrutinizing your body for every and any sign…

It was my due date. I actually cried a little in frustration of still being pregnant. I must be very hormonal.

Around 2pm, I noticed that I wasn’t noticing baby bounce around as is his custom. I didn’t worry too much. He has his quiet times and days. As the day progressed to evening, though, I began to grow concerned but was determined not to panic. At around 11 I had some dessert and began, deliberately, to try to get baby to move around and count kicks. Over the next couple hours there was very little movement and what there was was extremely subdued and weak compared to what I was used to.

Mike and I decided to take no chances. I called the hospital, but of course no one would say anything except that I should come in if I was concerned. I didn’t want to be the panicky pregnant lady but Baby’s well being trumped that. At 1:15 I asked Mike to take me in. By 2am I was in a private room in the maternity ward and was hooked up to a non-stress test. There, of course, baby started to move. For half an hour we listened to the reassuring woosh-woosh of Baby’s strong heartbeat.

I was appalled to learn that, though all seemed well, the RN had to call (wake) my doctor to report to him (at home, in bed) and ask for further instructions but there was nothing we could do about it. My doctor gave me the all clear and we were sent home at 3am, reassured and encouraged to return should we become concerned again.

I am exhausted from last nights adventures, of course. Baby is moving up a storm and I feel a bit silly about running into the hospital. That said, I know, and Mike keeps reiterating, that taking precautions is never silly.

I was surprised by a phone call from my doctor in the afternoon. He wanted to hear from me what happened. I apologized for having woken him unnecessarily. Of course he told me he’d rather we were safe than sorry with baby’s wellbeing. Although all seems fine, I am at term so they tend to be paranoid about these things (his words). Rather than wait until my appointment on Friday he’s going to send a note to the hospital so they’re expecting me and I am to go back for another non-stress test on Wednesday just to keep an eye on things.

Ideally we wait for labour to start naturally but it’s a delicate matter of balancing risk on both sides (his words, again). That is to say, risk to baby of staying in too long vs risk of intervention.

I love my doctor. He says exactly what I want to hear and does exactly what I hope he will.

Went for a walk today. Trying to shake baby out! In the evening I experience some pinching and cramping and a couple of mild contractions. Nothing to write home about.

Once again disappointed that I didn’t go into labour last night. Baby will now be born in December.

Had to go to Barrhead to pick up Mike’s truck. Since I had to drive for over an hour AND we had to go grocery shopping, I was rather hoping that the inconvenience of it would bring on labour.


Can’t believe I slept for about 10 hours. It’s like a Christmas miracle!

Woke up (finally) and headed off to the hospital for the non-stress test Dr. DaCunha set for me. Not worried about Baby’s movement now – he danced up a storm for the entire time. In fact, he squirmed and kicked so much that the machine was having trouble recording his heartbeat and I had to stay longer than the routine 20 minutes.

I have to say, it’s a bit of an ego boost, going to the maternity ward. I have put on a substantial amount of weight (36lbs!) and I’m hugely pregnant and yet all I hear from the nurses is how tiny I am.

I would have expected them to be blasé about bellies and babies after seeing so many, but they all get so excited watching my belly ripple and jiggle. All commenting on how my belly is all baby and how rare it is that they can see him so clearly. I even hear them coo amongst themselves about it.

I am exhausted all day, although I push myself to sweep and mop the house. Can’t let it go forever… Going to bed early tonight.

A quiet day. Minor chores to keep me occupied.

By evening time I realized I had to do something to tone down my anxiety levels. Mike ran me a bath and I floated by candlelight in the lukewarm water. Afterwards, feeling much calmer, I got rid of my phone. I find myself performing repetitive actions on it as though it will provide me with answers. Definitely upping stress levels. I got Mike to put it away and waddled in figure eights around the house for half an hour.

I feel crampy, but nothing is happening.

Appointment with my doctor today. We went over all tests to make sure the dates were as accurate as could be – it seems that the 29th is the best guess at full term. He is concerned that baby is getting big and if the pregnancy continues much longer that neither the baby nor I will tolerate delivery as well. So, induction has been scheduled for just after 7 on Sunday night. If, of course, I don’t have the baby before then.

I’m sweating a lot this week. Gross.

Nesting/cleaning urges are down and fatigue is up. I was planning just to take it easy and savor our last weekend before Baby. It’s frustrating, though. Our builder came back today to tackle deficiencies that have been waiting for months. Now, the weekend that we are having a baby, our house is a construction zone again. I’ll have to clean up the upstairs which got covered in concrete dust (furniture and everything. And half of our kitchen counters are now gone.

All I want to do is take it easy…

Pinching and cramping all morning. I was awake for a few hours in the middle of the night and am feeling sleepy.

Cleaned up our construction zone. The mess and chaos is causing all my nesting instincts to protest loudly so I’m having to focus on staying calm.

Last Saturday without an infant. Would like to go somewhere and do something, but what? I’m too big and cumbersome and, anyways, everything I come up with seems irresponsible.

Maybe today…

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