38 Weeks Pregnant

2D ultrasound 38 wks3D ultrasound 38 wks

(2 weeks until Arrival)
Maybe I should just talk in days at this point.
(14 days until arrival)

Maximum three weeks to go as often inducement will be considered if there’s no baby after 41weeks.

Watermelon baby. Or, to be more seasonal, pumpkin baby. I am horrified typing that. Holy… At some point now I am going to have to push him out of me…

Baby’s irises are fully coloured. If they come out brown, they will likely stay that way. Most Caucasian babies, however enter the world with some shade of blue. This is subject to change. This change, if it happens, is usually complete by 9 months.

Speaking of eyes, one of Baby’s final developments has taken place. Baby has tear ducts now. I imagine that my own will get a workout the first time he uses his.

While baby has been able to practice breathing, swallowing, and digesting, his little vocal chords will work for the very first time when he is born.

All organ systems are matured and ready for life out in the open air. As points out he’s “STRAIGHT UP FREELOADING” from this point out.

His growth has slowed considerably. However, he is still laying down fat. With each day that passes, there is more brain and nervous system development.

His lanugo (bodily peach fuzz) and Vernix (the cheesey coating keeping him from pickling for the last several months) are continuing to shed. As he takes these into his system via the amniotic fluid, they continue to add to the meconium in this mini bowels. Sometimes, instead of waiting until after expulsion, babies will perform their first poop in utero just before being born. This is something to watch out for as meconium aspiration is dangerous for Baby.

As I was suddenly measuring a couple of centimeters small at my last doctor’s appointment, I was sent calmly but swiftly for an ultrasound. My doctor said that my small fundal height was likely due to baby having dropped into my pelvis, but better to take a look and be safe.

Happily, all is well. Baby estimated to be 7lbs. For size, he is in the 59th percentile and surrounded by the perfect amount of amniotic fluid. Ohhh my goodness!! We got a 3D ultrasound! We saw Baby’s perfect little face! And he looks JUST like his daddy… And those CHEEKS, oh my goodness. Also, he has HAIR. The technician pointed it out to us. So much for the heartburn myth, I guess.

The sonographer said that it was unusual to get such a clear image. It was easy because I was “so slim”. Take that puny maternity clothes.

The little baby was determinedly sucking on thumb/fingers for the duration of the scan.

Once again, we had a frustrated technician as baby incessantly squirmed around. At least, now, though he was moving, he doesn’t have a lot of space to summersault away from the wand. The sonographer said all of the movement was a very good sign. Honestly, it was a relief to see Baby move so much on the ultrasound. He tends to be much quieter now. There’s still strong movement, but it’s much smoother and separated by long stretches of stillness. In fact, the day of the ultrasound, he was so still throughout the morning and early afternoon that I would likely have panicked and demanded attention were I not on the way to a scan. It is way too late to allow anything to go wrong now. However, according to the ultrasound, if Baby was born tomorrow he would be just fine.

…Still, better to let him finish cooking.

I’ve read that I’m not really going to be getting bigger or be putting on much more weight at this point. Can I breathe a sigh of relief? Did I dodge stretch marks??

My hunger has dropped right off this week. To the point where I have to remind myself to eat. I am super thirsty, though.

Not leaking anything.

After trying out the birthing ball at the hospital with my doctor last week, I simply HAD to have one of my own. Done and done! I love it. My spine aligns, my hips open up. It is so very comfortable just to sit and gently bounce…

What an exhausting week. Everything tires me out. Even riding in the car as a passenger is tiring! Generally, both baby and I nap during car rides.

Speaking of sleep, I do not remember what a solid night’s sleep is like… I feel fatigued, anxious, and frustrated.

For the first time ever, I have intermittent swelling (edema) of my fingers. On Wednesday and Thursday I actually took my rings off for a few hours a day. I wonder if it’s because I’ve  been more sedentary. I think moving around is good for me. My blood pressure is completely normal.

My hips! I can’t walk anywhere without them cramping up! If they both go at once then I am totally immobilized. Since it hurt so badly that I stop talking and/or walking in the same way that the doctor said the true contractions would, Mike keeps thinking that I’ve gone into labour! Every time!

As well, every time I gasp (if Baby punches me) or if I call out to Mike now, he switches into “Go-Mode” thinking that I’m in labour! It’s occurred to me to tease him with this, but I really don’t want to cry wolf in this situation!

Ooo I’m tired of labs!! It’s hard enough to pee into a Dixie cup at every appointment. Every week, as well, I have been sent away with a requisition for blood and urine work. I really should NOT complain. My wonderful doctor is concerned about my unusual levels of nausea and illness and is always wanting to stay ahead of any possible infection. Still, I was so very relieved not to receive a requisition at this week’s appointment for the first time.

Mike suggested that we watch some breathing exercise videos. Coming from him, the suggestion surprised me, but it would not hurt to prepare a bit more than I have.

I am at the point where I’m not willing to drive to to the city by myself anymore. Mike, also, is hesitant to consider going that distance and leaving me behind.

Pillows, pillows and more pillows. My comfort depends on them. Pillows for my back, pillows for my belly, pillows for my knees…

Somehow, depressingly, I have outgrown my maternity clothes. There are just one or two tops that I can wear and I have just one pair of pants. It’s hard to bear that. My wonderful husband still tells me how pretty I am, every day. It helps.

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