37 Weeks Pregnant

(3 weeks until arrival!)

I have been pregnant for 260 days. 20 to go…


Baby is fully cooked. Done! Nothing more to say! The only question is HOW cooked is he gonna be? He’s, sort of, al dente right now. He’d be fine if he came out, but it wouldn’t hurt to leave him in for a bit longer. More time inside is VERY good for baby.

With that said…
37 weeks was, and still is, considered Term, but the medical attitude towards it is very different than it has been for the last few decades. It used to be that doctors more or less wrote off the last three weeks and would perform inductions and cesareans any time after now. Further experience and studies, however, along with the innate inaccuracy of predicting due dates mean that no medical professional will consider deliberately delivering a baby until after 39 weeks. And furthermore, don’t start to worry about an overcooked baby until about 42 weeks.

Baby’s growth slows considerably at this point. Likely about half an ounce per day.

BIG NEWS: Baby has dropped. I knew it. The shape of my belly has changed and there is suddenly a ton of weight and pressure on my lower abdomen. Oddly, this is called “lightening”. Let’s go with the other term, “engaged”, since I think it should be called “heavy-ing”. I’m so uncomfortable.

My body is gearing up for birth. My hips are a smashing great mess. I’m like Raggedy Ann walking around. They either cramp up so I can’t move, or I (by doing nothing, like stepping over a door jam) over-stretch it/them so I’m in huge pain and either or both don’t want to work. Usually my bum will cramp up at the same time so all I can do is stand and whimper for a while.

Speaking of standing… Ow, my feet. I’m too heavy for them.

I finally got a couple of good nights sleep in a row. It was heavenly.

I’m resting a lot – too big to do anything! Relaxing and indulging in watching The Good Wife on Netflix. It helps to have something beside the imminent arrival of Baby to focus on. I vowed not to waste my energy on being anxious about delivering and I have said, boldly and proudly, that worrying about labour and delivery is a waste of energy and so I don’t. Up until now, that has been true. But, now? Okay, fine, I’ll say it. I’m afraid. I’m a little ashamed, but there it is. What will be will be, so there is a part of me that remains collected, but it is such a giant and unavoidable unknown. So, I attempt to concentrate on other things. It’s hard though, since Baby moves MOVES CONSTANTLY.

Baby is so strong. My poor belly jolts and jiggles like and oversized mound of j-ello.

I was very anxious earlier in the week. Especially when I went to bed. Exhausted and nauseous but when I tried to sleep, my mind would start to race. Later in the week, though, I was too tired, nauseous, and in waay too much discomfort to be anxious. I have started sleeping in a sitting position. Just can’t get comfortable. I’ve been really ill the past couple of evenings as well.

I’d planned to pack hospital bags for both me and baby this past weekend, as well as making a “To Do” list for when I go into labour before we leave. Put out extra food and water for critters, last-Minute items to grab like phone chargers etc. I didn’t though. This week, for sure.

We did to set up the car seat too…

Totally numb hands every single morning. Minimal swelling, though, and it goes away when I get up. The nurse at the doctors office commented in surprise that I was still able to wear my rings.

Baking and cooking up a STORM. It’s hard to not get fat at this stage.

I am super emotional.

The nursery looks Beautiful! 💙

At Dr. DaCunha’s my belly is measuring a bit small this week. He said he thinks that it’s because Baby has moved down, but there will be another (#6!) ultrasound on Monday or Tuesday just to make sure that Baby is still thriving. Judging by the strength of him, I’m guessing all will be ok. Everything I’ve read says that, when baby drops, you can measure a bit small.

Did the Group B strep swab this week. If I have it, it’ll put a kink in my birth wishes as I’ll have to be attached an IV with antibiotics for Baby (which will limit my ability to move around at will). What it would mean for him if I had it, and no precautions we’re taken, would be exposure to infections such as meningitis and pneumonia.

On Sunday we went for an exploration of the maternity ward with my doctor. Frankly, Mike and I are FLOORED by the level of care that I am receiving. While on shift at the hospital, Dr. DaCunha spent almost an hour with us. He showed us around, I talked us through various possibilities of what would happen, introduced us to all the birthing paraphernalia that was available to me. He even got me up on the birthing bed and went through every variation in set-up and position that I was able to take while giving birth. It was amazing.

So, Baby has dropped. Doc says my cervix is starting to soften. I’ve turned a corner with this whole pregnancy thing. With the inability to walk, effectively, due to my hips, my feet aching from the strain of holding me up, and baby so low that my bump is not just big and awkward but HEAVY, I’m feeling DONE. This has been a slice, but I am now ready to no longer be huge. I want to be me again.

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