29 Weeks Pregnant

(11weeks until Arrival)

Baby weighs around 2.5lbs.

A little over 15inches long. Large butternut squash baby.

Baby will double, and possibly triple, in size between now and birth. 😳

At this point, the Vernix Caseosa (the cheesy/waxy coating to keep him from pickling in the amniotic fluid over the last several months) is starting to shed, as is the fine hair (lanugo) that has coated his body. There may or may not be some of both left at birth.

Baby’s buds of permanent teeth start forming now. They won’t make their appearance, though, for several years!

Baby’s soft little skeleton is starting to harden. Calcium intake is very important right now.

A jelly-type fluid in the umbilical cord prevents it from compressing and cutting iff blood flow and nutrients as baby twists and squirms.

Baby’s brain development, plus the white fat that he’s starting to put on means that he is gaining the ability to regulate his own body temperature. Although, much more fat needs to be put down. He’s still only 2-3% body fat. Hm. Explains why I’m hungry…

I got my first leg cramp Tuesday morning, but it was because the dog came and lay on top of it and it was a struggle to free it from his furry weight.

It feels like baby his kicking more than before, but the fact is that there is just less fluid and space, so I am likely just more aware of all of his little twitches.

Baby’s little lungs are working hard to mature. At this point, if he was born he may not need full time respiratory support.

My belly frequently protrudes unevenly as he rests on one side if my uterus or the other (he favours the right…). However I can’t tell the difference between his bony bum and his head! Getting much easier to identify little arms/elbows by the look and feel of the bulge 😍

Cimarron and I went baby shopping this week. SO MUCH STUFF! It really drove home the reality that a new person will be moving in soon… Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her.

It almost didn’t happen, but I got a maternity session with C. It was a lot of fun but it is very strange to look at the images. I just don’t recognize myself and it’s hard to identify with the woman that I see. Still Cimarron did such a good job that, on the days when I feel horrible I’ll look at the images and think “well, she looks pretty…”

The baby shower was a success and Cimarron was the hostess with the mostess. It was just wonderful and little Baby was spoiled rotten.

sister baby shoppingsister baby shopping

Cimarron with Dora and Doobs :)
Cimarron with Dora and Doobs :)

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