25 Weeks Pregnant

(15 weeks to Arrival)

Can’t believe I’ve been pregnant for 6 months… It’s been so consuming for so long, I almost don’t remember what it’s like to have only myself in this body. I have a feeling that, when it’s over, I’ll miss being pregnant.

Last week of my 2nd trimester.

Babies are starting to vary quite a bit by now. The internet seems to agree, though, that he should be about 13.5inches from crown to heel and weigh about 1.5lbs. Acorn squash baby!

Equilibrium! Baby now knows which way is up and which way is down!

His little spine is outfitting itself with joints, ligaments and rings.

The major and exciting development this week? His little nostrils, which have until this point been plugged, are now opening up which means that he can begin to practice breathing amniotic fluid through them.

Baby’s skin is pinking up due to the development of capillaries that are now filling up with blood.

The lungs still aren’t equipped to process and provide oxygen to his blood, but there are developments in the right direction: Later this week, blood vessels will be be developing in his lungs.

Believe it or not, in the last two weeks, Baby’s odds of survival in the event of premature birth has doubled to 50%. Now, survival doesn’t mean he gets the best shot at life. We’d like him to finish baking completely please.

Nerve connections (in hands and feet) have a ways to go, but baby is getting more and more dexterous and deliberate in terms of movement. Nerves around lips and mouth are also developing (preparing for feeding reflexes).

Baby can distinguish between sweet and salty. I am aware that the flavour of his amniotic fluid changes depending on what foods I am consuming. What is not clear is exactly what it DOES taste like since, obviously, flavours won’t directly translate. Butter chicken or vanilla ice cream fluid? Probably not…

It’s like The Return of the 1st Trimester. The nausea is getting worse and worse. If that weren’t bad enough, bloating is back too. That was unpleasant when I wasn’t showing. Now that I’m ungainly to begin with, it means that I’m a bulbous statue by the end of the day. I am so “puffed up” that I have no mobility in my upper body at all.

Hands and feet are increasingly numb and tingly.

Weird and alarmingly vivid dreams continue. Sleep/good rest is getting hard to come by. Last night was, for some reason, a long and extremely stressful search for the pointe shoes that I used to use. I could remember the names of all the other ones, but not mine. After an extremely restless night I awoke to the name: FREED. Why pregnant women dream is obviously the chemical changes and various concerns about what may happen. Why on earth they are so VIVID? No one knows.

No sign of the intermittent heartburn from last week. IF Baby does have hair it will finally be developing pigment!! Though, if/whatever it is he is born with may change significantly after birth.

Not particularly hungry in relation to my pre-pregnancy self. I guess there was really only a month of being ravenous. The only difference between now and ‘normal’ is that I now eat breakfast whereas I didn’t before.

I went to the lab for the glucose tolerance test on Friday to test for gestational diabetes. Awful. Horrid. They make you drink this sugary, syrup-y orange-ish-flavoured drink (that I barely kept down). It tastes like super concentrated McDonalds “orange drink”. Then you sit at the hospital for an hour whereupon they take several vials of blood from you. I was incredibly nauseous, exhausted, and headache-y for the remainder of the day.

The less that want to bend over to reach the floor, the more I drop things! The looseness of my joints (and associated clumsiness) grows steadily worse. It can be pretty funny sometimes…

I. Just. LOVE. My. Bump. Although, I can’t believe how big I am from the side. I have moments where I want to cry when I look at myself. Looking back at photos from before I was showing, I’m astonished by how little I was. I’m can’t say that my pregnant body looks the way that I dreamed that it would. Having said that, I don’t really care. My body isn’t about me right now and nor does it belong to me. I’ll get it back in a few months in whatever shape it’s in and life will go on.

In that vein, I can feel myself changing. Chemically, molecularly. It’s like I’m aware of rewiring occurring in my brain and a difference in the way my heart beats. Priorities are shifting. Awareness is shifting. The world seems both bigger and much, much smaller as the number of things that matter seem to dwindle. I feel so strong and so confident, yet at the same time, overwhelmed with what is about to happen. Time suddenly seems the most precious commodity as it rushes past.

The internet is turning it’s and my attention towards the fact that I am nearly into my third trimester and that this pregnancy portion of the adventure is approaching it’s climax and end. Baby names, prenatal classes and eventual delivery are hit topics now. Did part if me expect his to go on forever? It seems foolish to feel alarmed, yet that is an element in the myriad of emotions (glee, relief, trepidation, confidence, bewilderment, elation, panic) that swirl through my being every day.

25 weeks belly
Baby is getting acquainted with Doob’s purrrrr.

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