20 Weeks Pregnant

140 days down, 140 days to go.

New today: baby no longer feels like popcorn. Now there it feels legitimately like there is something moving inside of me. Weird. Thrilling. Special.

The bones in the ears should be fully developed so hearing should be quite good.

11oz (10ish inches from head to TOE) no longer head to rump measurements.

Belly is noticeable and inescapable. Definitely feels weird when I sit down to feel my belly sit on my thighs. Ew. Also, when I crouch down to feed the cats, belly is starting to feel like it’s in the way. Uh-oh for months to come, I guess.

Nausea, for at least a couple hours a day, every day. Still. Why??

Sooo thirsty. Insatiable.

I enjoyed lots of attention and belly-touching at the wedding yesterday. Made me feel special and excited, unlike – for example – at work.

Can feel (and see!) baby from the outside! Again – weird.

Baby is an acrobat it his uterine gym. He wasn’t still for a moment during our 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday. Got to see him yawn and fell a little deeper in love with this creature I’ve yet to meet.

Just now, he poked, so I poked, then he poked so I poked, and he poked again…

I am enjoying watching Mike’s excitement grow with my bump.

The doctor we were hoping for has agreed to be our GP. I’m so excited. I have my first appointment with her in a couple of weeks.

2nd trimester ultrasound

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