18 Weeks Pregnant

Myelin, a protective coating of baby’s nerves that also helps them communicate is developing. This process will continue until baby is one year old.

About 6ish inches long from crown to rump. Dragon fruit!

Not too much new with baby this week. Everything continues to mature. Eyes are light-sensitive but still sealed. Bones in the ear continue to grow so hearing is continuing to develop.

Super faint linea nigra has appeared. Not keen on this, maybe it won’t get darker. I seem to have avoided chloasma (“the mask of pregnancy”) thus far.

Feeling light-headed more and more. Need to remember not to get up too quickly.

Starting to feel ungainly. I would suspect that ppl often mistake me for carrying a few extra pounds rather than be pregnant but Mike insists that there’s nothing about me that looks chubby. Nevertheless, despite the fact that I feel like my belly eclipses my feet, most new acquaintances miss that I am pregnant.

Deliberate attention given to posture to help alleviate a back that already feels the pressure.

Weird symptom of the week? It’s hard to pee! My uterus must be sitting directly on – and squishing – my urethra which means considerable effort is required to relieve myself. (TMI?)

Nausea has all but taken it’s leave. It shows up only if I get hungry in the evening. This simply means a either a snack, or dinner promptly upon coming home.

No weird cravings. All seems pretty normal. Except maybe sushi. I’d love some Vancouver sushi. And Vancouver’s Sala Thai. And some Hawaiian pizza. Maybe a Vera burger. Or a hot dog. I canNOT do fried food. Wouldn’t know if it makes me sick as I can’t even manage to bring myself to eat it. We went to a wing fry at at a friends¬†with everyone (pounds of wings in every flavour, poutine, mozza sticks etc. everything deep fried). I couldn’t eat a thing. I scoured the fridge til I found some leftover white rice and two-year-old, Max and I chowed down on that with some sesame sauce.

I tend not to be aware of baby during the day. Is he sleeping? Am I just too busy to notice his antics? It had been a few days but then I felt the magic bubbles again over lunch yesterday.

We had our second antenatal appointment this week. It went down not unlike my first one last week. We waited for about 3.5hours for a 5 minute visit. Honestly, that doesn’t really bother me. He’s a good doctor and associated with a very good hospital. This week, though, was a deal-breaker for me. He barely looked at me except to palpate my abdomen and check the heartbeat. Beyond that, he reeled through an obviously memorized list of things to say to women at 17.5 weeks, and left no room for questions. When I did ask questions it was obvious that I was delaying him and I didn’t like his answers… As I mentioned before, Mike didn’t like him from day one. Now I am resolved to find a different Doctor.

The way it works out here in the country is you get your GP and you see them up until you’re about to a certain point, then you get sent to an OB or “delivery doctor”. We were very impressed with the young doctor who treated Mike’s mom, so we resolved to ask her if she would be our GP. Here’s hoping!

Are you ready for the BIG NEWS of the week? Baby was super active after supper yesterday evening. Active and strong. I was sitting quietly on the couch and Mike was putting Puppicups outside on the chain. The movements were so strong that I called Mike to come inside quickly and the wonderful daddy-to-be came and placed his hand where I directed him to. And for the first time ever, he FELT his baby moving.

Too soon you say? Humbug says I. I’m pretty small and I know what I know.

Onward to week 19…

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