14 Weeks Pregnant

Peach baby! Around 3.5 inches and weighing in and roundabout 1.5oz.

The top of my uterus should be just above my public bone. I can’t decide if I can feel it or not.

Hair is sprouting everywhere. On BABY, that is – not me! In addition to the lanugo that is coating Baby’s paper-thin skin, eyelashes, eyebrows are growing and possibly hair on Baby’s head too.

With the neck developing, Baby is able to start straightening out, instead of being tightly curled.

The roof of the little mouth is forming.

Baby is now making faces!

I am now solidly in my second trimester. Thankfully, I am starting to be able to stay awaken past 6:30 or 7pm and can usually make it until 8 or 9pm. Why oh why is the nausea not going away? It’s a little more intermittent, and I can eat a wider range of foods now (pepper is edible again), but I still feel so very ill.

Though still huge, my breasts are finally a little less tender.

Still not really showing and am perfectly capable of wearing all my pre-pregnancy pants – provided that I have an elastic band.

The big things this week? The Harmony blood test and my second ultrasound! The blood test was intense. I completed it at the same time as my routine early pregnancy blood screens so they ended up taking 6 vials!! Since it’s too early to tell on an ultrasound, we’re super excited to find out this way if it’s a boy or a girl.

The Ultrasound was AMAZING. The development over the short time span of 7 weeks is unbelievable. When we saw Baby 7 weeks ago at my Dating and Viability scan, it was just a sesame seed-side tadpole. What we saw today was a complete BABY. I cried. Of course… It turns out that it’s a really good thing that we got the blood test done as baby was JUUUST this side of too developed to perform the nuchal translucency test. As it was, it was turned into a precious glimpse in at our little one.

What a difference 7 weeks makes!
What a difference 7 weeks makes!

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