13 Weeks Pregnant

Babies start growing at their own pace this week, but the general consensus is that Baby is somewhere between a kiwi and a peach! Approaching 3inches from crown to rump.

All of Baby’s miniature organs and blood vessels would be visible through transparent skin.

Baby can clench and unclench bitty fists. Thumb sucking may even have started! Furthermore, Baby already has fingerprints of its very own.

The little body is just a third the size of Baby’s head that is housing a rapidly developing brain.

The intestines that we’re growing in the umbilical cord? They are headed back to their rightful home in the abdomen.

Vocal cords are showing up this week!

Ooh we had out first antenatal appointment this week. Not were we in for a surprise. It took the whole day. I left work in the morning and we headed down. Then proceeded to wait for almost five hours to see the doctor! I know he’s very good and is associated with one of the best hospitals in the city, but *whew*. It any case, he went through a lot with us. What I should and shouldn’t be eating, our options at this point. Unfortunately, Mike doesn’t like him.

The big thing was, of course, the heartbeat. It took the doctor a few moments to find it, but there it was. Strong and distinct. I was over the moon.

We wanted all of the screens we could get so we left with an appointment for a Nuchal Translucency ultrasound as well as a requisition/kit for a brand new blood test called the Harmony blood test. This blood test is not (yet) offered or covered here in Canada, but the doctor was if the opinion that thirstiest will soon replace all other screens and we decided it was worth the $500. It’s pretty amazing. The test picks up trace, cell-less DNA of the baby’s in my blood and, essentially, gene tests the baby to detect chromosomal abnormalities. Of course, it will also tell you if it’s a boy or a girl! 💗💙

We’ll get both done on the 28th.

Since the Doctors appointment took so very long, I had to spill the beans at work… It was the right time anyways.

Hard to believe that I’m already in my second trimester…

Sadly, still lots of nausea. But, I did get hungry a couple of times without wanting to be sick!

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