12 Weeks Pregnant

How did baby get to be a PLUM?? About 2inches from crown to rump.

Finally tipping the scales at 1 ounce!

12 weeks. We made it. We’re through. At this point, the risk of miscarriage drops to pretty much nothing. I can breathe… We can tell people. I like my secret at work. For some reason, I am loathe to let this one out. It is my own private joy during the day.

I have my first antenatal appointment next week. The big thing for me will be hearing Baby’s heartbeat! It will be such a relief to connect with that.

That ossification process the started last week? It has resulted, already, in bone marrow which is busily producing white blood cells.

Baby’s intestines are start really to work as well, contracting in the way they’ll need to to process food out in the ‘real world’. They have grown so quickly that a portion of them are within the umbilical cord. These will migrate back into the abdomen before too long.

The, nervous system, though still primitive, has developed where, if I could prod baby, it would wriggle in response. I wish I could!

Though no one would notice, I am now doing up my pants with an elastic band. It puzzles me as I’m still down a few pounds, but there you have it.

Week 12. At this point, production of hCG starts to drop off. I can only hope that my nausea does too…

12 weeks pregnant12 weeks bump

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