11 Weeks Pregnant

Fig baby? Lime baby? Medical opinion seems divided this week! Apparently Baby will go through a little growth spurt over the next three weeks or so.

This week, the placenta will really start functioning and providing baby with oxygenated blood and (finally) my body will start to play a significant role in providing Baby with the nutrients it needs. I better start being able to eat a bit more!

Baby’s ears, which started out more like gills near the neck, have almost finished their migration up to the sides of the head.

Speaking of not resembling aquatic creatures quite so much, the little fingers and toes are losing their webbing and becoming their own, independent digits.

Ossification begins! For the last few weeks, cartilage has been tracing out Baby’s skeleton, now that cartilage will slowly start to turn into bone. This is a long journey, and those little bones will stay soft for quite some time.

Itty bitty tooth buds are making their appearance under the gums.

Apparently, as baby practices swallowing, the hiccups are a common occurrence. I have heard other mothers talk about feeling their babies hiccup later on in Pregnancy. I can’t wait to feeling. Supposedly, baby is wriggling up a storm deep inside me.

I am catching my first glimpse of a baby bump. Not something that anyone would pick up on, of course, but I know it’s there and it gives me such glee! It’s so small that even Mike is incredulous when I excitedly point it out to him!

I confided my pregnancy news to the woman I work work. She said that she’d been wondering. I guess my changed eating habits gave me away! Everyone else, really, are men so I expect that they are all oblivious.

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