10 Weeks Pregnant

Kumquat baby!

Grapefruit uterus. I can’t believe that something that size is hiding so totally!

All those brand-new organs that hazard appeared last week? They are now starting to function. These include the liver (manufacturing red blood cells), intestines (baby I starting to practice SWALLOWING), kidneys (processing the consumed amniotic fluid), and brain.

The little umbilical corn now has distinct blood vessels in it.

Fingers and toes are clearly defined and are already growing the tiniest nails.

A layer of peach fuzz, lanugo, has grown all over Baby’s body. This will help to keep Little One toasty and warm over the next several months.

Amazingly, baby has, more or less, all the component pieces in place to be a complete person. He or she just has to grow, mature, and everything has to kick into gear. It is even recognizable as a little human if I could peer in and see it, with facial features slowly becoming more defined.

The nausea is just exhausting. As if pregnancy wasn’t exhausting enough… I still can’t eat anything complex. One flavour at a time. Max. When in doubt, I’m still sticking with berries.

I wonder if the critters know that something is up with me.

Me, curled up with my berries and Doobs.
Me, curled up with my berries and Doobs.

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